Safer Use Of Laser Based Therapy


This late into the 21st century, it is already a well-established fact that the utilization of laser technologies in the health and wellness space continues to prove the skeptics wrong. Amongst the skeptics are still those medical practitioners who continue to press on with conventional methods of practice which, all depending on the specialist practice ‘may or may not work’ as the saying goes. The use of low level light therapy for hair loss is one of a number of clinical practices that could be providing reassurance for the most important stakeholders in the health industry.

And just who are these stakeholders? Well, the patients, of course. Could that be you too? In the acute case of drastic hair loss, gradually over time, or dramatically, virtually overnight, the causes thereof are various. The most common cause has always been genetic and natural, natural in the sense that it occurs to mostly middle aged to senior aged men. But there are those who lose their hair prematurely. And this may not always be natural.

low level light therapy for hair loss

This could have been as a result of extremely high levels of stress and anxiety or very poor health and unhygienic habits. This to name but two examples. While most men tend to make peace with this hair loss, the experience can be quite traumatic for women. Short of having to wear a wig, which looks so false in any event, women are also turning to low level light therapy for hair loss. Apart from the technology and the moderate dose of the therapy, it needs to be conducted under clinical and hygienic conditions to qualify as a safe form of therapy.

It also needs to be authenticated by the industry bodies to which hair loss clinicians readily associate themselves.