How to Prevent Cavities


Preventing cavities ensures a lifetime of beautiful smiles and healthy teeth. Preventing a cavity is much better than treating it. Not only are fewer dentist trips needed when you maintain good oral health, but you also save money and peace of mind. How can you prevent cavities and the need for treatments like a cavity filling buena park?

Brush Your Teeth

Use a soft-bristle or medium-bristle toothbrush with fluoridated toothpaste and brush the teeth twice each day. Brush first thing in the morning and before bed, brushing for two minutes each time.  Use gently, circular motions when brushing your teeth and don’t forget to brush your tongue and the back of your teeth.

Stop Smoking

People who smoke double their risk for cancer but that’s one of many risks that smoking creates. Smokers endure bad breath and also experience cavities at higher rates than a non-smoker. Kicking the habit is the best thing you can do to protect your overall health.

Eat Healthily

Limiting the number of sweet snacks and sugars in your diet benefits your health tremendously, but it also protects your teeth from plaque buildup and cavity damage. Aim to eat a diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and choose H2O to quench your thirst. Leave sugary snacks out of your diet except for an occasional treat.

Visit the Dentist

Twice annual dental visits provide patients with an examination, X-Rays, and a tooth cleaning, in turn reducing risks of oral health problems. Again, prevention is the key to beautiful, healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Dental Procedures

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Procedures like dental sealants are signed to protect the teeth and ensure cavities are not a future concern. Ask your dentist if he recommends any specific dental procedures and protect your beautiful smile with them.