Getting The Therapy Needed After An Injury To The Body


When we are healthy and in our prime our bodies feel great and it seems like we can take on the world.  However, when we become injured and our bodies start to work against us, it is important that we take steps to ensure that we get back to full capacity. The easiest way to do this is to work with physiotherapy mississauga on

When we go and get therapy our bodies will start to get back to where they were before the injury.  Many people however will dread getting therapy because of the initial pain and resistance the body will feel.  It is vital however to start therapy as quickly as possible or when your doctor clears you physically.  The longer you wait the more likely you will receive more prolonged damage and you won’t ever get to one hundred percent.

Move as often as possible

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It is important that you move as often as possible.  Sitting still will only cause your muscles to go into atrophy.  This is when your muscles will start to degrade, and the body will start to consume them.  If this happens you will not be able to move. 

Watch your pain

Pain is good.  It shows that you are alive and that the part of the body that is in pain still has blood flow and nerves.  When going through therapy you want to feel pain but not debilitating pain.  If you push yourself to the point where you are not able to move, you are not doing your body any favors.  You want to push yourself but there is a limit.  And you will know what your limit is.  Don’t cross it.

When in pain you want to do what you can to relieve it as quickly as possible.  Following the directions in a therapy session will walk you down the path to recovery.